The power supply was a factor that took some time and money. I started out with one 15kv 60 ma Neon transformer. Once I built the 900 watt coil, it was determined I needed more power! I decided to run two 60 ma neon transformers in parallel. Problems running two neon's in parallel is that they need to be matching. That is if one transformer output is putting out less or more than the other transformer, one will put load on the other causing a loss of power and overheating of the transformer. Two things to help this matching issue, one is to add resistors between the outputs of the transformer allowing the resistors to loss the voltage miss match by heat, or to get two transformers that were made on the same line the same day ensuring the winding on the primary and secondary are matched. After a few months of tuning and such I decided to get a new 15kv 120 ma neon transformer to replace the two 60ma transformers I had now. I felt that there was still some loss between the two 60 ma transformers, and one 120 ma transformer would be more efficient. Tab on the pictures to the left to enlarge pictures of the transformer, you can see the resistors on the outputs of the two 60 ma transformers and the one large 120ma 15 kv transformer in the tank circuit.