The power supply was a factor that took some time and money. I started with a 5kva pig and then designed and built a full wave rectifier with 42 three-amp diodes per leg time’s four legs to give a full wave rectifier. It was also required to build two inductors to control current as do not want to draw too much and fry the poor rectifier. A low pass filter and safely gap are located next to the inductors to ensure no kick backs from the coil would get back into the power supply. A 20 kV meter to monitor the output of the power supply is located at the top of the case and a 250 AC voltmeter is located at the bottom of the case to monitor the input voltage. The entire power supply is enclosed in plexy glass to protect fingers and such from flash over, as one mistake and your dead. This power supply could kill and do not want to take any chances.  The only problem with a pig transformer is that they are not current limiting and will brown out the whole house, so I had a current limiter (reactor) built to keep this little pig under control. An inductor is a great idea as will not waist power in the form of heat like a resistor does. Now off to build the power controller to keep this pig under control!  Tab on pictures to enlarge!